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We provide CCTV installation and repair for all Residential, Business and Commercial in Fujairah and across UAE.

Are Looking to improve / enhance your current security system in Fujairah to the next level.

CCTV Dubai offers an ideal solution for Homes, Business and commercial organization with our highly professional and experience team that provides a complete security solution throughout Fujairah and UAE.

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CCTV Installation Service In Fujairah

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Why Choose Us

Below are the reason to choose us as your CCTV Supplier and Installer in Fujairah and across UAE.

  • Nationwide CCTV Installation
  • Professional Installers
  • Professional CCTV setup for Business & Home
  • 2 Years Warranty on all equipments
  • Friendly Consultation
  • Lifetime Tech Support
  • No Monthly Fees

Why do you need CCTV Installation in Fujairah?

CCTV is a very powerful tool in the fight against crime. Not only does CCTV provide a fantastic visual deterrent – footage can be used to provide evidence against anti-social behavior, theft, vandalism and burglary – saving you thousands in the long run.

  • CCTV helps to deter thieves
  • View remote locations, including multiple locations at once
  • Safely monitor premises from a control room
  • Provide CCTV evidence to Police to secure a prosecution

All About CCTV Cameras You Need To Know

PTZ CCTV Camera Installation Service in Dubai


Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) dome cameras have become the most popular choice for applications that require the ability to position and zoom the camera to a specific area of interest.  CCTV Dubai has a comprehensive line of PTZ domes with models to fit a wide variety of applications.

Dome CCTV Camera Installation Service in Dubai

Dome CCTV Camera

One of our most requested CCTV camera lines, the selection of fixed domes is comprehensive and boasts an impressive array of features and functions. From indoor to vandal resistant environmental model, CCTV Dubai have the dome cameras you’ve been looking for.

Fish-Eye IP Camera Installation Service In Dubai

IP Fisheye CCTV Camera

The new IP fisheye camera’s feature a new 360° omni-directional surveillance range with a fisheye lens and various viewing options. This advanced technology is equipped with 3MP, 1080p high definition images. CCTV Dubai have the IP fisheye cameras you’ve been looking for.

Wireless IP Camera Installation service in Dubai

Wireless CCTV Camera

CCTV Dubai has a comprehensive line of Wireless CCTV Cameras, domes with models to fit a wide variety of applications. Connect to your router with a push of a button, register your camera on-line, open your web-browser, and start monitoring. It’s that simple.

Bullet CCTV Camera Installation Service In Dubai

Bullet IP CCTV Camera

Bullet IP Cameras are becoming more and more popular because they make installations simple.  CCTV Dubai offers a wide variety of configurations in analog  bullet cameras, and is now leading the way by introducing IP camera version.

Box CCTV Camera Installation Service In Dubai

Box CCTV Camera

CCTV Dubai Box Cameras provide industry leading performance, cutting edge technology and the right form factor for those applications and installations that require a box camera.

NVR for CCTV Surveillance System in Dubai

Network Video Recorder (NVR)

For IP video applications that demand a dedicated recording appliance, CCTV Dubai offers a complete range of high performance NVRs that are designed to provide high quality images while conserving storage and network resources

DVR For CCTV Surveillance Systems in Dubai

Digital Video Recorder (DVR)

CCTV Dubai has a DVR to meet any application requirement which offers a complete range of high performance, H.264 DVRs that are designed to provide high quality images while conserving storage and network resources.

CCTV Centralized Video Management System in Dubai

Video Management Servers

Video Management Servers functions as primary data managements, which allows the (NVR) to apply bandwidth to focus of video storage and viewing station by distributing bandwidth to reach maximum performance.

CCTV Installation Service Provider In Fujairah

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Are you looking for a complete CCTV Surveillance System for your Home and Business in Fujairah.

Video surveillance is a very effective way, whether you reside in Fujairah or own a business venture, unmatched security is a prime requisite for your office or residence.

As a homeowner or entrepreneur, you simply can’t compromise on security issues. If you are looking upgrading your existing security systems, thus making way for innovative technologies that deliver cost effective security.

Video surveillance is a very effective way to check your home or business, whether may it be for security concerns or any key vulnerability points in and around your property.

Associating with CCTV company in Fujairah will be the best thing to do in this context. However, you must be sure of making the right choice.

Choosing the best CCTV Installation services in Fujairah can prove to be an overwhelming task if you are unaware of some of the unique tips.

However, there is no denying its importance, since it helps you track intrusion or trespassing.

Here are 3 important factors that your need to remember while choosing CCTV Installation company in Fujairah.

1. Evaluating your requirements

Identifying your security requirements will be the first thing to do. See whether you wish to have both audio and video recording or simply video.

If it’s both, then there will be issues of connectivity, camera, and recording. These are some of the aspects worth keeping in mind while selecting CCTV service in Fujairah.

2. Choosing the Right camera

Since it’s all about CCTV installation, the camera will undoubtedly be a crucial factor worth considering. You will have to look for the correct size, appropriate designs and make sure that the camera doesn’t stand out amidst all other things in your room.

If you don’t want your visitors to feel intimidated by the presence of a bullet or box close-circuit camera, then choosing ceiling color blend dome-shaped cameras will be the right move. These cameras are less visible than their other counterparts helping you maintain secrecy and privacy.

3. Designating the installation location

Selecting camera is half the battle won. You will also have to identify the locations of its installations. Placing them in the appropriate corners will prove to be beneficial. Or else, you can also install them in the places where most of your valuables are kept.

Apart from these locations, you will also need to check whether your CCTV system offers pristine outdoor home security.

In most cases, security surveillance system is conducted to ensure the ongoing safety and security of the property.

In Fujairah we provide the best security camera installation service for home and business.

We know buying CCTV system in Fujairah can be a daunting task. There are lots of choices to be made and it can be very confusing.

We simplify the entire process and provide the best surveillance systems installation service in Fujairah at an very affordable price.

We being the master in delivering flawless installations and maintenance in Fujairah, the end to end solution we provide cover all the phases, ranging from planning to installation with the branded products.

With our cutting edge solutions allows you to monitor the situation in a detailed and much-refined way. Whatever the explanations you have, our team of specialists are here to help you.

We bring together the strategies at the early stage itself that help you to get an overview of the surveillance you are supposed to receive.

The deployment and the installation of CCTV cameras in Fujairah for any kind of commercial purpose and residence is assured with us. Call us now for a great and wonderful deal.

After completing site security evaluation, we provide you a complete blueprint for CCTV surveillance system of why and where you need your security cameras to be installed, which is obtained though placing of video cameras in strategic locations in and around your home or business place.

As a reputable and experienced CCTV installer and supplier, we can provide a dedicated CCTV installation and services with a high quality CCTV surveillance system to suite any property and budget.

We install, maintain and service industrial, commercial, and domestic CCTV installation on sites across the Fujairah and entire United Arab Emirates.

We provide cost effective evidence quality CCTV surveillance systems tailor-made to meet your requirements.

If you are looking for an affordable security surveillance system in Fujairah, then look no further. With a vast range of different equipment available, it is important to select a security cameras installation company in Fujairah that will provide the right system for your objectives.

We have the experience and expertise necessary to ensure the right equipment is chosen, meeting your objectives and budget and providing peace of mind.

CCTV Installation Company In Fujairah

Away from home? Holiday or work? We can provide CCTV Installations that allow you to view your property over the internet and on your Iphone or any smartphone from anywhere around the world! Enquire now!

Our extensive range of security services protect against more risks at more points, enabling confidence wherever people, property and profits are concerned.

We not only provide CCTV in Fujairah but we also been providing various other related services in all over United Arab Emirates like Network Infrastructure, Structured Cabling, PBAX/Telephone System, Access Control, Video Communication and much more.

Call us today and we will give you a comprehensive free, no obligation survey and written quotation.

We can work together to suite your budget and provide you with a dedicated CCTV installation that is guaranteed to monitor every moment and every angle of your premises.